Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument
Summary: Obviously very scenic and commanding, this cliff dwelling seems to lord over the valley. With an amazing view and lots of information at the visitor’s center this is definitely worth a visit.

Here over 600 years ago the Sinagua Indians watched out over the Verde Valley. They must have felt very safe in this keep remeniscent of European castles.

11 miles away, the limestone sink at Montezuma Well pumps a million and a half gallons of water a day, adding to the local rivers and ensuring a constant supply of water and crops.

While you can’t get to the cliff dwelling, there are other local ruins, a visitor’s center with lots of information, and a picnic area where you can spend some time relaxing and speculating over what it was like to live here.

Food & Sundries:
Plan a trip to nearby Camp Verde for food, restaurants, and the closest lodging.
Montezuma Castle is located 3 miles off Interstate 17. Use Exit Number 289, 1/2 mile past the Cliff Castle Casino at the traffic light is the access road.

Camping & RV:
There’s no camping at the Well or Montezuma Castle National Monument, but this area does have commercial RV Parks as well as US Forest Service and State camping areas. Start at Camp Verde.

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Features: Views of Cliff Dwelling, visitors center, ruins, 1/3 mile trail with picnic area.