Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Summary: At 294,000 acres is good sized but not huge. What really makes this park a wonderland is the color at every turn. The most popular area, Coyote Butte which is famous for “The Wave”, is so popular that a limited number of people are allowed in each day and reservations are full months out.

The park includes Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes and Paria Canyon. Elevations range from 3,100 to 6,500 feet. I first saw the Cliffs descending from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This was the first time I’d smoked my RV brakes, so I soaked in the view while waiting to see if my RV was going to catch on fire.

The park is under the purview of the Bureau of Land Management, who sets regulations and issues permits. Permits, available on-line, are required for hikes in Paria Canyon and the Coyote Buttes area.


3,100 to 6,500 feet


Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs, Coyote Buttes and Paria Canyon


Hiking, backpacking, wildlife viewing, photography, birdwatching including condors.


Grand Canyon, Navajo Bridge, Kaibab National Forest, Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, White Mesa Natural Bridge.

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Page is the closest town to the park.


From Flagstaff, travel north on U.S. Highway 89. From Kanab, Utah take U.S. Highway 89 to the east or 89A to the south. There are no paved roads within the monument.

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